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The Dominic Trionfo
Memorial Fund
P.O. Box 1023
Middle Island, NY  11953
Entry fee should be submitted with completed registration form.  Entry fee per
team is $360 for adult teams.
Payment can be made via check, cash or PayPal through our online registration
Completed roster forms should be submitted no later than September 10, 2017.
Please email with any questions.

Each team entry includes a shirt and a food voucher at the day of the event for
each registered team member.
Each team will play at least three games*, and the team that wins the
championship game will receive trophies for each player.
*This is based on four teams per division.  This may change depending on registration outcome.
Tournament Details:
•        Team captains will be responsible for getting team organized and ready to play.  Any team not ready to play at
scheduled game time risks forfeiting the round.
•        This will be a Round Robin tournament.  There are 4 teams in the division, and each team will play every other team.  
The two teams with the best record after these games will advance to the championship round.
•        Games will begin at 10:00 am and the final championship games will begin around 3 pm.
•        Teams are expected to be at the field 30 minutes before their first game.  Game times will be sent to the team
captains prior to the event.
•        Each team will have 8 players on the field at a time.  It is recommended that there be players on the sidelines to
substitute in, with a maximum roster size of 12 players.
•        The 8 offensive players are 1 QB, 3 OL, and 4 RB/WR.  There will be a 3 MISSISSIPPI count before the QB can be
rushed    with 1 blitz allowed every 4 downs.
•        Every change of possession starts at the 5 yard line.
•        Each team will have 4 downs to make it to midfield.  Four more downs to score from there.
•        There will be a 30 second play clock once the ball is set.
•        No field goals.  Each touchdown is 6 points.
•        Extra point tries from the 5yd line
•        No stripping of the football.
•        All blocks must be made with hands.  There is absolutely no blocking below the knee.  
•        Linemen must line up head-to-head.
•        All referee decisions are final.
•        Each game will consist of 2 20-minute halves.  The clock will continue to run.
•        Each team will have 1 timeout per half.
•        It will be the responsibility of the team captains to report the scores at the conclusion of each game.
•        Cost of the referees, footballs, and use of the flags is included in the entry fee.  
•        This is an alcohol free event.
•        All players play at their own risk.  
•        Foul language and any other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.  At the discretion of the tournament
director teams and/or players may be ejected without refund.
•        Please remember this is a family oriented event designed to remember a classmate/friend/teammate/family member.  
Play hard, have fun and honor Dom’s spirit.
*Details may change based on registration outcome.
Dominic Trionfo
October 23, 1997-May 20, 2012
Dom's Day - Sunday, October 8, 2017 - Longwood High School -  
Times TBA
Flag Football
Thank you!